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Writers for a Free Palestine: I AM ANGRY (2023)

Long poem from Ditte Bruun Bak (high school teacher and initiator of the poem)

Lone Aburas, Haidar Ansari, Malte Tellerup, Johanne Mygind, Elias Sadaq, Luka Holmegaard, Melanie Kitti, Caspar Eric, Deniz Kiy, Mette Moestrup, Joan Rang Christensen, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Mathilde Moestrup Maja Lee Langvad, Jonas Eika, Tahir Mirza, Amina Elmi, Johanne Lykke Naderehvandi, Hanne Højgaard Viemose, Kristine Reffstrup, Olga Ravn, Theis Ørntoft, Ingrid Nymo, Hannah Lutz, Jamal Bendahman, Dennis Gade Kofod, Asta Olivia Nordenhof, Liv Nimand Duvå, Sabitha Söderholm, Ida Marie Hede, Joa Kruse Lykke, Gry Stokkendahl Dalgas, Nath Krause, Jonas Reppel, Andreas (Amdy) Eckhardt-Læssøe, Johan Davidsen, Siri Ranva Helmet Jacobsen, Maize Aymo-Boot, Mikas Lang, Christian Dorph, Lasse Raagaard Jønsson, Ash Viuff, Anders Abildgaard, Ditte Holm Bro.

I am angry

I am angry with the Prime Minister.

I am angry that she once again shows her colours and which side she’s on, when with one hand she lays flowers in front of the Israeli embassy, while with the other she puts all development aid on hold.

I am angry that I was so moved when she became prime minister, and she has since disappointed me so many times.

I am angry that the media calls it the Palestinian Territories instead of the Occupied Territories. Because it is generally called the West Bank when it is in East Palestine. The media write that Israelis are killed, while a counterattack costs Palestinians their lives. Is one life worth more than the other?

I am angry that one life can be worth more than another.

I'm angry that I live here and they don't.

I am angry that all those who live here do not understand what it is like to live there.

I am angry that all those who live here do not understand what it is like to live there, and are simply blind to that fact.

I'm angry at the blindness of privilege –they’re barking up the wrong tree[1], I hear my mother say.

I am angry that more people are not like my mother.

I am angry that a first year high school student can see it - and others cannot. He can express it. Why do I need to hear the truth from a high school student? Two million people caged for 17 years in an area the size of Langeland, with constant interruptions to electricity and water, with repeated bombardments, Israel's use of illegal weapons such as white phosphorus. Dead children in the streets. The image of children's coffins in a row. I am angry that there are children's coffins. Children's coffins on the strip.

I am angry at the statement: "no electricity, no food, no water, no gas. We fight animals, and act accordingly” as Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the other day.

I am angry that the Israeli opposition to Netanyahu is being ignored.

I am angry that Bjørn Brandenborg, the Social Democratic Party's justice rapporteur, thinks that Palestinian flags flying in Red Square on Saturday are repugnant photos. I feel sick when I see top diplomats showing the Israeli flag. I'm angry that I'm getting nauseous myself. That I myself loathe.

I am angry to read that "a former Israeli foreign minister, Shlomo Ben-Ami, has explained in several newspaper articles how for years Netanyahu has deliberately given Hamas in Gaza room to grow stronger in order to weaken the more moderate Palestinian Authority ( PA) in Ramallah and thus split the Palestinian population in two.

I'm angry that it's not an Arab conspiracy theory. That this double betrayal is a fact. That Netanyahu back in 2019, according to the Jerusalem Post, allegedly said that "Those who want to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state should support the strengthening of Hamas and the transfer of money to Hamas".

I'm angry that his plan seems to be succeeding.

I am angry that Netanyahu's ultra-nationalist religious government is being normalised and considered as mainstream by the Danish government. That the Danish government supports them unconditionally.

I am angry that Israeli veterans, who in Breaking the Silence have documented and criticised the occupation for many years, are not an organisation our own government seems to orientate itself with.

I am angry that the drones are explained away, that the massacres are concealed, that children are liquidated, that journalists are censored, that media houses collapse, that power lines are cut, that water supplies are scarce, that missile sounds are commonplace, that pregnancies are lottery tickets, that funerals are routine, that annexation is expanding, that Gaza is an internment camp, that the political camps in Denmark condone an Israeli siege in Palestine.

I am angry at the news value of the talk of an outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel, starting on October 8th. As if it were now. As if time is not the time of occupation.

A long and devastating battle that exhausts. A siege, an occupation, a constantly moving frontline that diminishes Palestinian territory and political power. Do you know what radicalisation is? Desperation and lack of leeway. A space that constantly shrinks around you, you are driven insane in confinement.

I am angry that the settlements continue. That settlements are a strategy for land reclamation. Along with the destruction of livestock, agricultural land.

I am angry about checkpoints and discrimination at checkpoints. A power slowly eating away.

I am angry that now the rain of bombs on Gaza seem legitimate to many in the West. Bombs rain over Gaza. I am furious and hear that right now on the 16th October, half a litre of clean drinking water is allowed per family in Gaza, that many drink sewage out of necessity. How can anyone defend supporting a state that calls its political opponents "human animals" and drops bombs on residential areas?

I am angry that aggressive war can be called security policy, can be called "the right of a state to defend itself" (It is George Bush who has the last laugh, Tony Blair and Anders Fogh who set the standard. Now the idea exists as if it were neutral and that makes me furious).

I am angry that we do not constantly talk about the fact that half of the population in Gaza is under 18. That the so-called "civilians" are children. That this "humanitarian disaster" is in reality the murder of children.

I am angry at being one voice.

I am angry that Yahya Hassan is not here anymore.

I am angry at being asked to be part of this text.

I am angry at all the sorrow and resistance that must be the basis of this one poem. I am angry that the poetry should seem like some kind of consolation.

I am angry that peace is no longer an option. I am angry that people are so afraid to stand up against discrimination.

I am angry that the West had an agenda when they gave Israel land and that is why they are not distancing themselves from Israel's actions now.

I'm angry that the West doesn't care about brown people unless it has a capitalist value to do so.

I am angry that there will be war as long as there is capitalism.

I am angry that white Ukrainian refugees received better treatment than Palestinian refugees will receive (if they even make it out of Gaza alive).

I am angry that children dream about getting food.

I am angry that people post to remind us that Israeli lives and children matter too, as if supporting Palestine is condoning the killing of children.

I am angry that young people have been killed in a terrorist attack.

I am angry at the response that the world community is accepting in response to a terrorist attack.

I am angry at the unreserved support of many for Israel's acts of war.

I am angry that nothing seems to have improved since Arafat.

I am angry about the lack of electricity, the lack of water, the lack of freedom of movement, the lack of humanitarian aid.

I am angry about phosphorus, gases and rockets and bullets.

I am angry that what we are talking about is the mass murder of children.

I am angry that there is no place where I can say "free Palestine," without people thinking that I support Hamas.

I am angry that war crimes are reduced to a right to retaliate.

I am angry that a withdrawal from the occupied territories must seem like a utopia.

I am angry that the Danish state has not officially recognized Palestine as a state.

I am angry that no public politicians say: give the Palestinians a country too.

I am angry that basic human rights are now considered leftist.

I am angry at the killing of civilians, Israeli as well as Palestinian.

I am angry that the hate grows and grows and grows.

I am angry about anti-Semitism and I am angry about Islamophobia.

I am angry that no one is talking about Yemen or about the Congo

I'm angry that leftists like myself seem to care nothing about Yemen or the Congo, but are totally engrossed in Palestine.

I get angry when leftists like myself, who are not personally affected by the Israel-Palestine conflict, get angry at each other over even the smallest differences of opinion - or get overly excited about who posted what on social media.

I am angry that Israel is going after civilians to hit Hamas who are going after civilians.

I am angry that my Danish Jewish friend is afraid to show or say he is Jewish.

I am angry that so many here in the text vent so much spleen on the Danish prime minister.

I am angry that Edward Said (1935-2003), the brilliantly intelligent exiled-Palestinian literature professor and intellectual thinker with whom I studied at Columbia University in New York in the mid-nineties, is not alive now and able to analyse the current situation, but then I must reread his works.

I am angry with Europe.

I am angry with Denmark. I am angry at the lack of history that the Danish Prime Minister displays, while she accuses others of lack of history.

I am angry that Europe's colonisation of large parts of the world can be seen on the maps, can be seen in the borders drawn by Europeans outside of Europe. Calling a piece of land the "Mandate of Palestine" - how many Palestinians have given a mandate to that?!

I'm angry about the like it or lump it with other people's lives.

I am angry that the media are as interested in the 199 Israeli hostages in Gaza as they are in over two million Palestinians in the same place who are currently fearing for their lives.

I am angry over the loss of empathy that we are in the middle of.

I am angry that the West cannot see its own racism and how it controls our narrative about Israel and Palestine.

I am angry at the black and white way we are used to creating narratives and how that thinking deepens the conflict.

I am angry at how little we hear about the protests of the Israeli people against the current government.

I am angry that ethnic cleansing is allowed to pass as consideration for the civilian population.

I am angry that the West is perfectly OK with war crimes when it is the Palestinians who are being hit.

I'm angry that I don't know what to do. Or that I know it, but don't do it.

I am angry with all those who profit from Israel's war crimes. I am angry with Terma, I am angry that their offices are not occupied and closed down. I am angry with Jes Munk Hansen. I am angry with Thrige Holding A/S. I think they should be looted.

I am angry that children have no childhood in Palestine.

I am angry that there are no Danish media that dare to talk about Zionism as a white and colonial project.

I was angry that Houria Bouteldja is right when she writes: "Anti-Zionism is the territory on which the two primary victims of the Israeli project emerge: the Palestinians and the Jews. This is also where the project's primary beneficiary comes forward: ‘The West.’"

I am angry and full of sorrow and frustration when I have to understand time and time again that a number of the western world's politicians with power, such as Mette Frederiksen, for example, do not speak up for very basic human rights, but on the contrary act against them with support for Israel that is committing what amounts to genocide on the Palestinian population.

I am angry and horrified when I see that Israel does not face massive condemnation from the Danish government for its military assaults on the Palestinian population.

I am angry and full of contempt when I hear Mette Frederiksen supporting Israel, rather than condemning their apartheid policy and abuse of the Palestinian population.

I am angry when I understand that Mette Frederiksen has no will to present any nuanced view of the conflict in Israel/Palestine but only presents the most simplistic and stupid and condemnable, distorted view of the matter with her myopic, brutal back-up for Israel.

I am angry, bordering on furious so much so I want to be sick when I understand that Mette Frederiksen is abusing her office as Prime Minister to promote Islamophobic worldviews for populist reasons, because it gives her power.

I am angry when I understand that people with power lose the ability and/or interest in exercising empathy and basic humanity.

I am angry and frustrated when I see how much of the media and the politicians do not distinguish between Hamas and the Palestinian civilian population.

I am angry and shocked when I understand that there is no strong condemnation of the Israeli aggression in Gaza from the Danish government.

It makes me angry and horrified and full of contempt for the Danish state that it has not long ago ceased all trade, not least the arms trade with Israel, and has no plans to do so either. When the apartheid regime in South Africa fell, it happened against the background of extensive international trade boycotts, one could do the same to the Israeli apartheid regime.

I am angry that out of Gaza's proportion of pregnant women, over 5,200 women are expected to give birth within the next month, according to the UN, and that women face extreme challenges in terms of being able to give birth safely and having access to functioning health facilities.

I am angry that children have to be born into a war.

I am angry that the Danish government has not stopped their military and political support for Israel's actions.

I am angry and unhappy, unhappy that the trees are still shedding, that I have to go to work and keep the images of the violence down.

I am angry but not surprised that the propaganda machine is taking my family.

I am angry that I have to be afraid to speak.

I am angry that the loss and suffering of Muslims is presented again and again as inevitable, a side effect of a just "freedom fight" and that the everyday violence of the most powerful is rendered invisible as politics and abstraction, as "complicated".

I'm angry, I'm photoshopping a Palestinian flag

between the Ukrainians in Copenhagen

and spread it as fake news: SEE!

In Denmark, we support oppressed people

look, an occupation, look, bombs on a school, an apartment block

see a noble people, see, apartheid, see

a human life, a child, look now

the money flowing through Europe, the surplus, see

Annisette, she sings: a wind blows through the sorrow

it fills me with courage.

I am angry at the thoroughness with which the cement is processed in the cement mixer, while a handful of Israeli soldiers stand and watch as the cement is poured into the canals that supply the ordinary Palestinian citizen with water, and the great mass of sand, gravel and pebbles will soon solidify, petrify, will soon eat up all living things. Slowly and unknowingly, the cement sludge slides further down the water channels, further and further into the Palestinians' possibilities for a normal life.

I am angry that, when it comes to Palestine, clean water, flour and hospital equipment are not considered a prerequisite for a normal life.

I am angry that the Palestinians' disappearing opportunities for life are constantly referred to in the Danish media as the war between Israel and Hamas.

I am angry that the Danish media these days does not seem to be able to formulate the phrase war crime, that no one seems to be able to formulate the word genocide, when 5,887 Palestinians have been killed in seventeen days and 18,125 wounded, when the borders are closed, when water supplies and the power station that supplies the area with electricity is shut down, when emergency aid cannot enter, when there occurs systematic shutdown of all prerequisites for life.

I am angry that the Danish government trades weapons with Israel, all the while the same weapons are used in the war crimes against the Palestinian civilian population.

I am angry that the Danish Prime Minister lays flowers at the Israeli embassy and angry that she calls it "deeply worrying and completely lacking in historical awareness", when a journalist subsequently asks if she also wants to lay flowers for the killed Palestinian civilians.

I am angry at the patronizing use of the word history, as if history were set in stone, as if it wasn't a negotiation that was going on all the time.

I am angry at the power's conformist, disinterested and convenient approach to history and come to think of Yayha Hassan, who on Deadline ten years ago presented his version of the story that is still unfolding these days:

The Jewish values on which the state of Israel was to be founded were first founded on the ruin of others. Furthermore, the ongoing attempts to expand the state of Israel were overshadowed by power, control, oppression, racism and hatred, which quite naturally creates violence, hatred, racism in the oppressed counterpart. Zionism arose as a consequence of persecution. Now the Zionists have forgotten their original motive. Jews immigrate to settlements and Palestinians are deported to refugee camps. The occupation dehumanizes the Palestinians, but also the Israelis themselves. When we talk about the concept of anti-Semitism, it only applies when Jews are discriminated against and persecuted and murdered. But when the Palestinians are subjected to the same thing, it is obviously not anti-Semitism, even if the Palestinians are also a Semitic people. In the media we hear about the so-called war between Israelis and Palestinians, but how can it be called a war when one of the world's strongest military powers attacks a defenseless, civilian-populated ghetto with warships, air force, artillery and elite soldiers? It is murder and massacre, regardless of how many more or less dangerous rockets Hamas sends across the border. And I would add that the root cause of the conflict is not Hamas. Hamas is a consequence of the occupation. The radicalization of Palestinians that takes place in the occupied territories is a consequence of the occupation. The ordinary Palestinian was not distinctly religious before the occupation. The PLO, which was also not a religiously based movement, has for many years tried to negotiate a solution, and Israel has responded with steadily increasing repression and more settlements. Therefore, it should surprise no-one that Palestinians resort to rockets in desperation after sixty years of occupation.

I am angry that the Danish government talks down to the population.

I am angry that Mette Frederiksen obviously does not understand the meaning of the word 'apartheid'.

I am angry that no European leaders have the decency to speak out against the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians.

I am angry that even influential or intellectual American Jews in the US - the very ones you would think would be heard, Judith Butler or Norman Finkelstein - face hatred and fierce opposition not just from the American right but from the entire American elite, when they speak against the annexation, against Israel's war machine.

I am angry that it is opaque financial interests of those who are already richest in the world that make genocide possible.

I am angry that the American Jew, Norman Finkelstein's book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (2000) is not on the school curriculum. A book that describes how the American Jewish culture exploits the painful memories of the Nazi holocaust to make Israel a 'victim state' and create a distorted ideology that can at any time legitimate Israel's acts of war.

I am angry with myself for not knowing more about Palestinian film, literature, art, culture.

I am angry with myself that I have often thought of the Palestinians in Gaza as victims, and not as people in a normal society with schools, hospitals, infrastructure, supermarkets, families, everyday life, work, culture, etc.

I am angry that when you are not equal to the law, you are also not equal to grief.

I am angry at violence when it is hidden inside the rhetoric, the little words that will not recognize the Palestinians' right to a free Palestine. The little words, and the big bombs.

I am angry at hidden financial interests, even when they hide in embraces.

I am angry that the denial of history that lies behind the Western politicians' lack of empathy for the Palestinian civilian population puts extra force into the police batons for peaceful demonstrations. That a candle lit in sorrow can be extinguished by power.

I am angry that while we reap the prosperity that grows from war and oppression, exploitation, imperialism and violence, we nevertheless take a moral distance, condemn resistance, rest here at home in an unabashed peace that rests on horrors elsewhere, an unjust peace, which demands that we first ignore our terrified comrades in other countries and then forget that we ourselves are on the back supply lines of the war. I am angry about a Danish prime minister who sits in a warplane and smiles at the press. As if a warplane ever gave anyone any reason to do that.

I am angry that revenge and guns have become siblings.

I am angry with politicians who compare Gaza with Langeland because they are the same size when over 2.048 million live in one place and 12071 in the other. One place is one of the most densely populated in the world, while the other has difficulty attracting enough new residents to keep the shops open.

I am angry that there is enough space in Langeland, but not in the hearts.

I am angry at a prime minister who says that the Israeli army has a right to revenge, without talking about the people who should have the right not to be part of that revenge.

I am angry with my friend Rama, who knows people who have family in Gaza, and therefore posted a photo supporting the victims of the bombings on his Instagram, and lost his friend because she thought he supported the killing of Israeli civilians.

I am angry with my old colleague from the 24 hour supermarket who joined the Israeli army at 16 and said he would never have normal fingers or eyes again.

I am angry at a prime minister who talks about the right to revenge. Because when you talk about revenge, you also talk about more people dying. Then you also talk about hospitals, kindergartens, nurseries and schools that may be affected by that revenge.

I am angry that my former colleague may have to return. Tremble more, wake more with more grenades in the ears.

I am not angry that Rama will lose more friends on Instagram, but I am angry that his friends will lose family members, acquaintances and friends in the attacks.

I am angry over all who’ll become skulls in Gaza.

I am angry that revenge has become a human right for some. I am angry that human justice come before human rights.

I am angry about Israel's occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

I am angry at the way the conflict has entrenched.

I am angry about America's military support for Israel.

I am angry with America's military.

I am angry that America's military already had weapons and ammunition deposited in Israel and that immediately after the terrorist attack they donated it to Israel's genocide in Gaza.

I am angry about Israel's genocide in Gaza.

I am angry that in the Danish media it is called war.

I am angry with the Danish media.

I am angry that the Danish media have not taught themselves about asymmetric war.

I am angry that the concept of asymmetric warfare had to be invented.

I am angry that the US Secretary of State flew to Israel immediately after the terrorist attack.

I am angry that right now, against all odds, the United States appears to be the best chance to secure a ceasefire.

I am angry at the way the Palestinian people are once again becoming a victim of global political currents.

I am angry that just two months ago I was in the occupied West Bank for my sister's wedding, and even though everyone in my brother-in-law's family is as far as I know is currently safe, today I hear on the radio about children whose bodies is covered with wedding dresses and party dresses.

I am angry that there is no time to mourn the dead.

I am angry about grieving in real time.

I am angry about time.

I am angry that already a week into the genocide in Gaza, it falls into place in the photos, that the emergency aid organisations are posting photos from Gaza that look like photos from Afghanistan and photos from Armenia and photos from Morocco.

I am angry that it has become a genre,

the emergency-aid-image.

I am angry to notice it.

I am angry that I have the time and energy in my life to focus on such things. I am angry about time.

I'm angry that I feel alone in my views in this time, that when I write something about flowers, people think it's about flowers, when it's about war, even if flowers are always also about flowers, and even if war is also about flowers.

I am angry that I feel compelled to follow the war on Al Jazeera to get a realistic perspective on the news.

I am angry that it has not been mentioned that Jair Melchior initially called the Hamas attack on Israel unprovoked at the commemoration event for the deportation of Danish Jews, but I am glad that he later changed his position and now mourns the Palestinian children and civilians, that I wish Mette Frederiksen would do too.

I am angry at wanting to delete that line about Mette Frederiksen because I feel it is intransigent and dumb.

I am angry at being intransigent and dumb.

I'm angry that I don't think it's okay, I'm intransigent and dumb. I am angry that for decades Israel's military industry has used Gaza and the occupied West Bank as a laboratory for, among other things, their surveillance industry.

I am angry that Frontex uses Israeli-developed surveillance technology to monitor the borders of Europe.

I am angry that it is not only arms that Israel exports, but also the whole idea of an ethno-nationalist state, which also rests its uniformed knee on brown and black workers. I am angry that Israel reminds me of Europe.

I am angry that Europe supports Israel in its genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

I am angry that Denmark buys military technology from Israel.

I am angry that Denmark buys military technology at all. I am angry with Denmark.

I am angry about military technology. I am angry at the million children in Gaza who are now living through the 5th bombardment in their lifetime, unless they die from it.

I'm angry at being upset, but I'm also angry at being angry.

I am angry at all the resources that are spent on a man being able to stand in the wind in Blågårds Plats with an Israeli flag and a loudspeaker and preach his anger instead of helping the Palestinian families to place the soda crates at the feet of the black pavilions, so they don't take off in the storm, while selling cakes to support the children of Gaza.

I am angry that this anger is not new.

I am angry that the social democracy's political rapporteur Christian Rabjerg Madsen wants to draw historical lines to the Second World War but not to Israel's decades-long occupation in violation of international law and continued illegal expansion of the settlements. I am angry that Denmark and the Western world are still helping to normalize this illegal occupation and the confinement of the Palestinian population.

I am angry that the Danish government is still able to disappoint me. That I will never grow wise.

I am angry to hear a young man in singsong Jutland dialect say that several Danes have become angry with him because he demonstrated for Gaza.

I am angry that in singsong Jutland you can be so non-Danish that you refer to others as Danes with the utmost obliviousness.

I am angry that something in me still considers it an ideal to become truly Danish.

I am angry that the Danes have elected yet another government which is still lock, stock and barrel with Israel, regardless of the daily violations of international law and human rights.

I am angry that the Danish government refers to Israel as "the only democracy in the Middle East" when Israel practices apartheid. I am angry that this will be read by many as a radical statement.

I'm angry that I have to be angry in order not to break down.

I am angry because anger and indignation are insufficient, and feeling something is almost nothing, the same as doing nothing. It doesn't help Gaza’s children, it doesn't help the sick and dying and bomb-struck civilians that we have feelings and that we believe that we can upset the balance of the world by putting our anger, our privileged anger into a certain bowl.

I am angry about the echo on the West Bank: ‘Tell at home what you see here.’

You've been saying that an eternity. Dear Palestinians, we see you.

Ditte Bruun Bak (high school teacher and initiator of the poem)

Lone Aburas

Haidar Ansari

Malte Tellerup

Johanne Mygind

Elias Sadaq

Luka Holmegaard

Melanie Kitti

Caspar Eric

Deniz Kiy

Mette Moestrup

Joan Rang Christensen

Ursula Andkjær Olsen

Mathilde Moestrup

Maja Lee Langvad

Jonas Eika

Tahir Mirza

Amina Elmi

Johanne Lykke Naderehvandi

Hanne Højgaard Viemose

Kristine Reffstrup

Olga Ravn

Theis Ørntoft

Ingrid Nymo

Hannah Lutz

Jamal Bendahman

Dennis Gade Kofod

Asta Olivia Nordenhof

Liv Nimand Duvå

Sabitha Söderholm

Ida Marie Hede

Joa Kruse Lykke

Gry Stokkendahl Dalgas

Nath Krause

Jonas Reppel

Andreas (Amdy) Eckhardt-Læssøe

Johan Davidsen

Siri Ranva Helmet Jacobsen

Maize Aymo-Boot

Mikas Lang

Christian Dorph

Lasse Raagaard Jønsson

Ash Viuff

Anders Abildgaard

Ditte Holm Bro

[1] Literally translated, ‘Good day, Axe handle’, the phrase references a 1770’s Danish play and has come to stand in as a colloquial idiom for when people talk past each other. (økseskaft ) No obvious equivalents come to mind in English, except perhaps from another angle: ‘The bow is bent and drawn. Make from the shaft’, as in King Lear’s warning to Kent.

Side-by-side translation here.

Writers for a Free Palestine (27-10-23)
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