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Pia Juul in HVEDEKORN (2020)

Unofficial English translation of Pia Juul's first and last poem in Hvedekorn's winter 2020 edition

PIA JUUL 1962-2020, in Hvedekorn siden 1983

From the debut, Hvedekorn 4. 1983:

sunset over concrete

September’s sky is blue

I can remember

and long for

longing for

green and lush meadow grass

for golden heavy corn

for air

for wide sky

is a sharp sword

and I am struck in two

with one hew

Now, here, Hvedekorn 3-4, 2020:


Yes, my little dear! So it was and

so it is, but now it is worse, it is not

one hew now, it is many, and stab wounds, and I am not split in two but thousands now

Every day, every hour, every moment

there is something I remember and I crumple with shame and

drift around and change nothing but continue this curious

life, and long for the selfsame things without being wiser, without being



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